CHEER Seminar Ghana and Tanzania

CHEER Seminar
Exchanging Knowledge for Widening Participation: A Focus on Higher Education in
Ghana and Tanzania
Thursday 9 December, the University of Sussex Conference Centre.
9.30 -10.00
Arrive and coffee
10.00- 10.30 Welcome + The Concept of Impact and its Application to Equality Research Professor Valerie Hey, CHEER, University of Sussex
Research Impact in Ghana and Tanzania
Professor Amandina Lihamba, Lead Researcher, Tanzania and Dr Linda
Dzama Forde, Lead Researcher, Ghana will be in conversation with Professor
Louise Morley, Project Director.
11.30– 11.45 Coffee
Case Studies – Identifying and overcoming barriers to participation
Discussion in small groups- chaired by Dr Duna Sabri
14.00-15.00 Keynote Lecture - Professor Miriam David - Learning from Innovative
International Research on Higher Education: How to conceptualise equity for
policy, practice and pedagogies in higher education.
15.00 -15.15 Tea
15.15- 16.15- Panel discussion chaired by Dr Alison Girdwood, DFID
Panel members: Eva Egron-Polak, Director-General, International Association
of Universities
Professor Elaine Unterhalter, Institute of Education, University of London
Eric Ananga, DPhil Student in Education, Sussex University
Exploring how the project’s findings challenge research and policy agendas in
international and national agencies, higher education institutions, and academic
communities in the fields of education, equity research and international
16.15 – 16.30 Summary and close