How to search the Library’s online resources

How to search the Library’s
online resources
Sources of information
Good for clear overview
Not so good for up to date information
Good for latest research, critically reviewed by experts
Not so good for a broad overview of a subject
Good for daily information
Not so good for balanced well researched information
Good for very up to date information
Not so good for accurate and reliable information
Thinking about keywords
• What can you see in the picture?
• Note down 5 words that are more
• List 5 words that are related to
what you can see in the picture.
OER from Middlesex University
Constructing a search
• Analyse your topic – key concepts
• Identify alternative terms or related terms
• Broaden or narrow your search using AND/OR/NOT
eg university OR academic
• Phrase searching, eg “study skills”
• Truncation, eg educat* for education or educate
Library Search
Search by keywords, eg Information literacy
Refine results using left-hand menu, eg limit to certain
publication dates or particular journals
Click “View Online” to access the full text
To save your results, click the “Add to my favourites” star, then
select “My Favourites” (in top-right corner)
You can email the results to yourself or export them to
reference management tools (eg Endnote)
Alternatively, log in to save your results permanently within
Library Search
Google vs Library Search
Library Search
• Easy to use
• Easy to use
• Finds too much information
• Finds lots of academic info
• Access to some books and
• Access to lots of books and
• Designed to sell you things
• Designed to find you info
• Search results sponsored
• Search results by relevance
• Searches info from any source
• Searches quality resources
• Pay for academic information
• Free access to full text
Based on an OER from Middlesex University
Key resources
Oxford Reference Online
Project Muse
Web of Knowledge
News archives
Use the Newspapers guide to access several
news archives:
• The Guardian and Observer 1821-2003
• The Times 1785-1985
• Daily Mirror Archive 1903 - present
• Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004
• Many databases retrieve results in date order - most recently
published at the top
• Change the sort order to view results in relevance order
• Narrow your results by specifying the publication date
• Use the [email protected] button to locate full-text articles
• Use the Save/Export options to save your results
If we haven’t got what you need…
Place a request:
• Journal articles emailed to you
• Ebooks supplied when available
Getting help
Instant message us
[email protected]
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