Head of School School of Life Sciences Safety Management

School of Life Sciences Safety Management
Line Management (delegation)
Head of School
Reporting Line (accountability)
Subject Chairs
Directors/Senior Managers
Radiation Protection
Health, Safety and Welfare
Biological Safety
Fire Wardens
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Details on School
Safety Notice Board
Chair – M/s Jackie Chambers
Faculty or PI
Technical services Coordinators
Chair and RPS - Mr Paul Maccourt
RPA - Jill Seegerman
RPA (in training) - Mark Aplin
School of Life Sciences RPS – Dr T Knapp
School of Life Sciences RPS– Mr G Frost
CISC RPS – Jan Bush
Dept Physics RPS – Simon Peeters
School Life Sciences – Dr S Pearce
School of Life Sciences – Mr G Frost
BSMS – Dr N Chaplin
Anc Manager – Mr D Moore
Post Doctoral Research staff
Technical/Admin staff
PhD student
Undergraduate student
25/10/2012 Dr Teresa Knapp
Chair – Prof L Pearl
School Safety Advisor – Dr S Pearce
Deputy School Safety Advisor – Dr T Knapp
Acting Director of University Health Safety & Welfare- M/S J Chambers and M/s S Carter
University Health Safety & Welfare (Sciences) – Mr P Maccourt
GDSC Safety Representative – Mr G Frost
Chemistry Safety Representative – Dr E Viseux
School Manager – M/s S Hinchliffe
School Environment Champion – Dr M Stenning
U/G Representative - M/s Ryder
PGR Representative – Mr T Moore
Unite Representative – Mr A Mayers
UCU Representative – TBC
Unison Representative – Mr J Hinch
Reporting accidents/incidents
Steve Pearce
Teresa Knapp
Graham Frost
Martyn Stenning
Alex Burns
Mick Henry
Margaret Autie
Michael Paradowski