Woodstone Elementary Grading Guidelines

Woodstone Elementary
Grading Guidelines
At least nine grades per subject – Math, Reading/Language Arts,
Science, Social Studies – will be given per nine week grading cycle.
All Students
If a child makes a legitimate attempt, or demonstrates effort on, an
assignment, a zero is not an acceptable grade. The minimum grade
that can be given for any assignment / assessment will be a 50%.
Grades – Our school district uses a nine-week grading period. Progress reports are
sent after the first three weeks if a student has an average below and 70. All
students receive a progress report after six weeks. Grades are numerical for core
Late Work – In general, class work is expected to be completed on the day it is
assigned. Students who turn in a late paper may lose up to 20% off the grade.
Homework – Homework will be assigned during the school week. Assignments
should take no longer than about 30 minutes to complete each night, not including
studying for tests. Occasional long-term projects will be given with ample notice
for completion. Individual reading time is not included in the 30 minutes.
Homework will be checked in class and is meant to reinforce skills taught during
the day. If your child does not complete an assignment in class, he / she may be
asked to complete it as homework to turn in the next day. Homework will be
collected and a “no hw” will be marked on the Conduct Folders to alert parents.
This will not count towards conduct but will count towards being a self-manager.
REDO Policy – We give students the grade that is reflected on assignments
showing their ability. If a student fails an assignment, we expect that student to
make corrections and return the assignment OR we might pull that student for a reteach during the day. The lowest failing grade a student can receive is 50%. We
strongly believe that daily grades and averages be a true reflection of their ability
AND ultimately show consistency in their performance on the TAKS tests or other
assessments. Tests for mastery will be administered one time only and the student
will receive the grade earned (minimum of 50%). Re-teaching will take place, but
the original grade will remain the same.
If a child, after repeated opportunities, refuses to complete an assignment then he
or she can be given a zero. A refusal to complete work should be sent home to the
parent to alert them that their child refused to do his / her work.
Special Education Students
There is no minimum or maximum grade a student may receive on any given
assignment. The minimum grade recorded for any assignment is a 50% for a
legitimate attempt.
Grades are based on the student’s performance with allowable accommodations
and modifications per the IEP. Work shall be graded according to standard
procedures unless otherwise specified in the IEP.
Points may not be deducted from a student’s grade because he / she received
assistance or completed the task with accommodations. IE. 1:1, small group help,
shortened or reduced assignments, modified tests.
Dyslexic Students
Any child who is officially on the role as a student with dyslexia should be
allowed modifications to their work to allow them to be successful. IE. If a test is
read to a dyslexic student he / she should not have points removed if they have
proven masteyr of that concept.
These students shall be treated in the same manner as a special education student
in that the modifications outlined in their specific 504 paperwork is binding and
must be adhered to. No adjustments to their grade can occur due to these
* No grade on benchmark tests unless authorized by the district.