WRC Tutoring Session Report

Writing & Reading Center Tutorial Session Report
Name: _______________________________________________ Class: _________
Assignment Topic: ___________________________ Assignment Title: _______________________
Answer question 1 on this sheet before going to the WRC (Library 107, in the back on the
main floor.) After your tutorial session, answer questions 2 and 3 and have your tutor sign
and date the sheet. Don’t forget to take the assignment sheet/handout with you to your
1. What stage of the writing process are you currently working on? (For example:
“Prewriting,” “Drafting,” “Revising,” “Editing,” etc.)
In the space below, please write the specific area of the assignment you would like to
discuss with your writing tutor:
2. What specific recommendations did your tutor make about the above area(s)?
3. Based on your tutor’s recommendations, what will you work on next in your
assignment? (Be as detailed as possible to help you remember later.)
Tutor’s Printed Name: _________________________________________ Date: ______________
Tutor’s Signature:__________________________________________________________________
(By signing, you’re verifying that the above information accurately reflects your tutorial session)