Reflective Response Assignment: Paper #4

200 Reflective Response
Part of being a successful writer is reflecting on your own writing process. You have learned a lot this
quarter about yourself as a writer, reader, and critical thinker. The reflective response assignment asks
you to consider your progress during the quarter and write about your experiences.
Assignment Directions:
Write a letter containing at least three paragraphs (350-600 words), which reflects on your
development this quarter, and explains why you are ready for the next level. The reflective
response goes in the front of your portfolio—as an introduction to your work for the teachers
evaluating the portfolio.
Review all the work you've done for the class. Consider why you chose the paragraphs and
papers in your portfolio and how they show your readiness for the next level. Give specific
examples from these essays to show your improvements.
Next, discuss what you learned in 200. This might include practice in organization, paragraphs,
the writing process, vivid examples, explanation and development of ideas, reading skills,
construction of better sentences, proofreading, punctuation and so on.
o Include how your writing has changed as a result of what you have learned in this
class. Remember to provide specific evidence for your claims.
o What still needs improvement? Write about what you'd still like to work on as a
writer and reader. Remember that all of us are still trying to be better writers, so
what are you going to focus on in 211 and beyond?
Response Structure:
Paragraph 1: Describe what you learned this quarter
Paragraph 2: Describe your individual writing (and reading) process
Paragraph 3: Identify and explain your writing (and reading) goals for next quarter and beyond
What we're looking for in the Reflective Response:
1. Clear organization
2. Well-developed, focused paragraphs
3. Specific examples, details
4. Well-constructed sentences
5. Correct grammar and punctuation
Form: typed, double-spaced, 350-600 words Audience: De Anza teachers