Presented By: Michael Roth Paul Capriolo Rebecca Kadushin

Presented By:
Michael Roth
Paul Capriolo
Rebecca Kadushin
•PDA- for running software
•PC- if you wish to upload data from PDA
•USB Port/Cable – to connect PDA to PC
Internet Connection:
•An Internet connection is necessary for the transmittal of
data between either the PDA and the Doctor or the PC and
the Doctor. Note that an Internet connection is not necessary
to run the software, only for sending data.
Network Connection
required to transfer data
Verification that data has
been transmitted
Pregnant women
•Any range of computer skills
•Any age, weight, height, health status, medical problems, athletic ability
•Any stage of pregnancy
Spouses, Friends, Family (of pregnant women)
•Any range of computer skills
•Desire to aid woman during pregnancy
Users are familiar with paper
forms – very similar
Easy to select desired data
•Consisted of ten (0xA) tasks
• In order of increased difficulty
• Was tested on young and mature adult women
• Results found both logical and technical errors
• Tested all aspects of user interface
 Entering contact information
 Entering food, exercise
 Uploading data to PC, send it to doctor
 Getting meal suggestions and checking risks prior to meals
Usability testing resulted in many efficient changes
• If completed, we foresee great potential in providing a new type of
aid for prenatal care that is currently unavailable.
• Future work should include…
 Database backend
 Dynamic graphs (need the database to implement)
 Small PC script for uploading data onto PC and viewing the
charts and graphs
Database necessary to make food/exercise
graphs functional
Thanks to Dr. Shneiderman and Georg Apitz for
their support.
Additional thanks to all those who reviewed and
tested our software and report. We received great