Scholarship Application Adams County Master Gardeners Association

Scholarship Application
Adams County Master Gardeners Association
 Adams County Resident
 3.0 grade point
 25 hours volunteer community service in last 2 years
 Pursue a career in one of the fields listed below
 Submit application to Adams County UWEX Office by April 1
Qualifying courses:
 Agricultural and Applied Economics
 Agricultural Education
 Agronomy (soil mgt & crop production)
 Botany (physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, & economic importance of plants)
 Entomology
 Forest Science
 Horticulture
 Landscape Architecture
 Plant Pathology
 Soil Science
 Wildlife Ecology
Date:_________ County & Town of Current Residence_____________________
Name:_______________________________ Phone #_____________________
High School ______________________________________________________
Year of Graduation ______________
Cumulative G.P.A._______
(If you need extra room for any of the following questions, please use blank sheets as needed.)
List all extracurricular activities which you have participated in while in high school; indicate also all offices held
and special awards received. Do not include classes for which you received credit.
List any non school-related activities or community services or projects in which you are involved. Include
offices held and special awards and your hours and activities of volunteer contributions.
Name of institution you plan to attend____________________________________
Have you been accepted at the above institution?__________________________
What is your intended major or course of study?____________________________
What is your long-range career goal?_____________________________________
Explain how you plan to finance your education.
Provide a brief summary, describing how this scholarship award will help you achieve the goal you have set for
Include any additional information which you feel may be pertinent to this application.
I give my permission to release this application and a transcript of my school records to the Adams County
Master Gardener Volunteers Scholarship Committee. I certify that this application is true to the best of my
knowledge and that I personally completed this application. If I am awarded this scholarship, I understand that
any change in my educational plans may jeopardize my qualifying for the scholarship. I understand that this
scholarship will be awarded in 2 parts, the first half upon proof of registration in my planned educational
program and the second half upon proof of second semester registration.