DACS–USC CSSE Data Repository: Overview and Status Jo Ann Lane Tom McGibbon

DACS–USC CSSE Data Repository:
Overview and Status
Tom McGibbon
Jo Ann Lane
DACS-USC Data Repository Overview
• Goal of repository
▫ Capture and analyze software and software engineering data
and make it available to the DACS and USC CSSE
• Candidate uses
▫ Support software, systems, and SoS engineering research
▫ Provide searchable data to support
 Cost estimation: ROMs* based upon
 Actual data – at least three records
 A single software size and application domain
 Project planning and management: life cycle model
information, key risks, lessons learned, templates,
estimation heuristics
* Provide links to cost model vendors for additional support
Initial Prototype Contents
• Software, system, system of systems
▫ Size
▫ Schedule
• Data entry form for new records
• Administrative tools to manage data
Based on sanitized COCOMO data…
Planned/Potential Contents
• Software, system, system of systems
▫ Size, schedule, total cost of ownership,
interoperability, and quality data/trends
Data entry forms
Administrative data management tools
Lessons learned (acquirer and supplier perspectives)
Counting rules for quantitative data
Software/system characteristics
▫ Life cycle models, architecture styles, tools used, tool
• Process-related artifacts
▫ Templates, characteristics, home-grounds
Investigating wiki and knowledge management
tools for non-quantitative data…
Demo and Feedback
Planned for End of May Delivery
• Initial capability
▫ Software engineering data
 Sanitized COCOMO data
 Query capability by software size and domain
 Statistical analysis outputs showing range and
distribution of values
▫ Lessons learned/heuristics
 Start with data submitted on Data & Analysis Center
for Software (DACS) LinkedIn site
Would like to include data from
other cost model vendors!
Benefits for Contributing Cost
Model Vendors
• Link from DACS-USC repository to your website for
additional information
▫ DACS-USC repository does not plan to replace cost
model tools for detailed estimation
• New data submitted directly to DACS-USC
repository made available to participating cost
model vendors
▫ Vendor data not shared with others
▫ Vendor data only used
 In aggregations with other data
 To calculate statistical outputs
Discussion and Comments