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2007-08 CSRDE Webinar Selection Form
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Oct. 10
Best Practices for Student Success: A Comprehensive, Collaborative Effort (archive CD
Nov. 14
Using the Transition to College Inventory to Identify and Treat Freshmen At-Risk for
Academic Difficulty and Attrition (archive CD available)
Jan. 30
Five Factors for Improving Non-Traditional Student Retention at Community Colleges
(archive CD available)
Jan. 16
Project CHEER: A Simple and Effective Summer Bridge Program (archive CD
Feb. 13
Effective Programming for Transfer Success (archive CD available)
Mar. 26
Strategic Retention Master Plan: How Are We Doing? All You'll Know of Heaven and
All You'll Know of Hell (archive CD available)
Apr. 16
Why College Students Stay: Using Academic Performance, Motivation & Social
Engagement Constructs to Predict Third-year College Retention (archive CD available)
May 14
Intrusive Mentoring: Assistance for Developmental and At-Risk Students
June 11
Monitoring Attendance Produces Results: First-Year Student Success Team’s
Collaborative Venture
July 9
PAWS Preview: A Collaborative Experience to Develop Successful Students and
University Citizens
Aug. 13
The Frozen Files System as a Data Source for Retention Studies
Sept. 10
Peer Advising: The Link Between Admission and Retention
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The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE)
at the Center for Institutional Data Exchange and Analysis
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request is received by the CSRDE Office in writing at least 3 business days before the day of the event. No refunds
are available for events for which login information has been distributed to registrants. CSRDE reserves the right to
cancel and reschedule webinars. Registrants unable to attend a registered session will be able to view a recording of
the session for 30 days after the session.
Center for Institutional Data Exchange and Analysis, 1700 Asp Ave., Norman, OK 73072 (405) 325-2158