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Digital Media
Dr. Jim Rowan
ITEC 2110-04
August 21
Roll Call using Banner
Student on roster, not in class?
[email protected]
Student in class not on roster?
5443 -- Philip Hawkins
5313 -- Kris Bone
5151 -- Laura Ledford
5876 -- Selena Darter/Heather Jenkins
Last option -- 678-977-7264 (Philip's cell)
What is a WikiPedia?
online encyclopedia
community built
users can add, edit or change content
it’s the source of many good things
it’s also the source of many bad things
What is a MediaWiki?
user editable web space
you don’t need to know html
you can (and will) create a web space
you can edit it from anywhere
you will deposit your projects here
they will remain available past the end of the
Look at GGCWiki
• click Dr. Jim Rowan’s link
– click here to get to class info
– your student space
Look at GGCWiki
• click reading and project assignment calendar
project due date
• click academic calendar
– campus schedule
– official holidays
Look at GGCWiki
• create an account
– click create an account
• logon your new account
Look at GGCWiki
• click student space
each student has a home page
a link about what to do
on the home page there must be project links
on the home page there must be a picture
must be a table
Look at the Text
• OOOOOoooooo!
Look at the Syllabus
• two major portions
– reading & exams
– software & projects
• timed reading checks
• 3 exams
• comprehensive final
Look at Calendar
• click Digital Media ITEC2110-0x
• click ITEC2110-0x reading and project
assignments calendar
Discuss first GGCWiki
• click “Digital Media ITEC2110-0x
student space
• click “what to do here and how to do it:
Demonstrate using GGCwiki
• go to student space
• edit the page
• replace YourNameHere
– creates a link to your web space
• click your name
– opens new page with editor open
• type stuff in the editor
Create a Table
• edit the page where the table is to be
• type this stuff
left side of table (projects)
right side of table (picture)
Upload a picture
click upload a file
navigate to the file you want to upload
upload it
show it by typing (in the edit window)
click save (at bottom)
and the image will show up wherever you
placed it in the text