Character reference Research Fund 2016

Character reference
Research Fund 2016
As a character reference, you should know the applicant well in a professional capacity and we ask that you
comment on his/her personal strengths, working style and abilities as a researcher. If you feel you are unable
to do so for any reason (e.g. conflict of interest or that you do not know this person well enough), please let us
know immediately at [email protected]
In your reference, please consider commenting on the following points:
How long you have known the applicant and under what capacity (e.g. colleague, as a supervisor)?
What is your current relationship with this person?
How closely you have worked with her/him?
How would a grant from the Research Fund benefit this applicant and the advancement of his/her
Click here for the latest rules and criteria for the Research Fund.
Please declare any conflicts of interest here if applicable
Your reference (please write as much as you feel appropriate)
For queries or questions, please contact:
Research Fund (email: [email protected]), Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas
Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0WF, UK