Sophomore Year Conference Presentation

Sophomore Year Conference
June, 2007
Candace Archer, Political Science
Annette Badik, Career Center
Scott Gallaway, General Studies Writing
Peter Kuebeck, A & S
Monica Longmore, Sociology
Dara Musher-Eizenman, Psychology
Roger Thibault, A & S
Jodi Webb, First Year Programs
The Sophomore year: the year you
“make it on your own”
 Characterized by the need for students to
take responsibility for their learning
 Exploration process to make decisions
about the future
 Opportunity to build new relationships
Suggestions for BGSU
 Implement Sophomore Year Program as an
extension of BGeXperience
Central office on campus
Sophomore year advisor (college advisors rotate)
Professional psychologist (from counseling center)
Programmed activities
Director of Sophomore Year
Goals of Sophomore Year
 Provide incentive for students to succeed and
become sophomores (increase retention)
 Publicize sophomore year program in all literature
and activities (admissions, O-reg, etc) (increase
 Provide activities, services specific to sophomore
students (increase student success)
 Include residential component to provide students
with a sense of place (increase resident student
Some thoughts about a
Sophomore Year program
 Special BGeX course for sophomores -incorporating service learning?
 Common reading experience for sophomores.
 Use a book to be read by freshmen the following year
 Sophomores can serve as mentors
 Provide $500 scholarship for all students who
make it to Sophomore year.
Next Steps