SWE 6653 Assignment1 Due on 2/3/2015 --- has 20% late penalty

SWE 6653 Assignment 1
( This assignment is worth total of 25 points )
1) Design a software package that will perform the following:
Provide a capability to read in a student name, address, and student number of
each SPSU student as a record. Each record may be modified or deleted later.
(The size and type of data is left for you to decide.)
Creating, modifying, and deleting records may only be performed by a small
“authorized” set of people.
Provide the capability to sort the records by student number, by student name,
or by address, but only sort by one field each time. (You decide on whether the
sort is by ascending or descending order; you may provide both.)
Provide a query ability to find the first or last record, to find student
name/address by student number, to list the entire list of records (sorted or presorted), and to provide the number of records in the list.
Provide the capability via the web. (Another word this is a web service app.)
2) “Attributes” to consider for this design/architecture:
the execution sub-systems needed to run this application (e.g. browser,
database, operating system, etc.)
the sort algorithm to be used --- invent or reuse existing ones
the security aspects for add. delete, and modify functions --- how much needs to
be there
performance of the software service as the number of records grow
the potential of conflict when one person is adding or modifying a record while
another is querying the list.
should a database be used ---- how sophisticated a db
user interfaces --- flow, looks, etc.
extension possibilities for future
the development tools/language
how much architecture/design rationale needs to be documented
3) Written portion: The architecture/design may be expressed with box-and-line
diagrams that contains annotations; expressed in UML; or some combination of
English and diagrams of your invention. If you invent a language, you must explain
the language (via annotation) first.
- This written part is due on 2/3/2015 and worth 20 points
- There is a 20% lateness penalty after the due date and is 0 after 2/5/2015 class.
4) Oral portion: I will present “some” of your design/architecture in class after
2/5/2015; You will be asked to critique these design/architecture and submit your
top choice with your explanation by 2/12/2015 and worth 5 points (-20% if late).