Faculty Senate, Minutes, 9 February 2010


Faculty Senate, Minutes, 9 February 2010

Attending: Chuck Allison, Vaughn Armstrong, John Balden, Virgina Bayer, Dale Boam, Calvin

Bond, Mark Borchelt, Bret Boyer, Greg Briscoe, Clayton Brown, Arlen Card, Alan Clarke,

Moh El-Saidi, Machiel van Frankenhuijsen, Doug Gardner, Stott Harston, Thomas Henry,

Stan Jenne, Olga Kopp, Pierre Lamarche, Phil Matheson, Afsaneh Minaie, Margaret

Mittelman, Floyd Olson, Pat Ormond, Dennis Potter, Susan Rasmussen, Davis Scott, Julian

Smit, Ian Sorenson, Paul Tayler, George Veit, Rick Vincent


Call to Order


Approval of Minutes


Minutes Approved




Kyle Brown talked about the Reversing Climate Decay lecture on February 25 at

1:30pm. He also petitioned faculty to nominate people for Wolverine Achievement

Awards. b.

Executive Committee Vacancies pending i.

Budget and Benefits (Stan Jenne nominated) ii.

Faculty Development iii.

Post-Tenure Review b.

Policy Progress i.

635 (Faculty Rights and Professional Responsibilities, in Stage 3)


All campus employees may comment via the Policy Approval Pipeline until the end of February. ii.

638 (Post-Tenure Review, going to Stage 4)


February 11 iii.

646 (Faculty Appeals, going to Stage 3)


Expected by end of February c.

2010 Census and Higher Education – Val Hale, VP for Advancement i.

Laura Johnson and Ally Moody ask faculty to encourage students to participate in the 2010 US Census; it affects government funding ($400 billion nationally). d.

Emergency Procedures Handout – Trevor Tooke, UVUSA President i.

A one-page guide was distributed and explained. It will be posted in each classroom.


Information Items


Automated Wait List for Registration - Michelle Chatterley, LuAnn Smith, Eva

Bernfeld i.

Starting Summer 2010, adding courses the first week of class will be through an automated waitlist system. b.

AAC&U and LEAP Outcomes – Anton Tolman i.

The Supplemental Faculty Travel Fund has approximately $6,300 left. ii.

Anton spoke of AAC&U and the LEAP (Liberal Education and America’s

Promise) Essential Outcomes for Higher Education. Chuck Allison will make

the AAC&U document on College Learning for the New Global Century available to the Senate. c.

UVU Policy 637: Faculty Tenure i.

Informal discussion on the proposed Tenure policy. Will be an action item at the next meeting.



Next Meeting: 23 February 2009