Appendix 11b: New Faculty Space Planning Checklist (03/2016) (Word document)

Last updated: 14 January 2016
Facilities and Operations
New Faculty Lab Space Planning Checklist
Projected arrival date:
List the rooms that are tentatively planned for renovation (you may list up to 3 options if you are
considering different space alternatives). List one room per row, and for each room, give room
#, current occupant, and any required special features (e.g., fume hood, cold room, low
vibration, etc.)
Room Function
Room XXXX –
Biological Science
Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
Room XXXX –
Tissue Culture
Room XXXX –
Graduate Students
NOTE: In almost ALL cases significant lab renovations will take approximately one year
from the first kick-off meeting with the investigator to when the lab can be occupied.
More complicated or extensive lab renovations may take substantially longer.
Last updated: 14 January 2016
Required/Desired Lab Characteristics
1. Narrative on type of use planned for space(s) (e.g., synthetic chemistry, laser lab,
computation, biochemistry, biological science, animal testing, etc.).
2. Desired Lab Characteristics (if no special requirements apply, indicate N/A):
a. Bench positions: ______________________________________________________
b. Fume hoods (list by room is applicable):
i. # and size required: ________________________________________________
ii. # already available in space(s): _______________________________________
iii. Any special fume hood required characteristics: __________________________
c. Cold Rooms:
i. # and size required: ________________________________________________
ii. # already available in building: ________________________________________
d. Environmental or Plant Growth Chambers/Rooms:
i. # and size required: ________________________________________________
ii. # already available in building: ________________________________________
e. Biosafety cabinets (list by room is applicable):
i. # and size required: ________________________________________________
ii. # already available in space(s): _______________________________________
iii. Any special required characteristics: ___________________________________
f. Snorkels (list by room is applicable):
i. #, use and flow rate required (if known): ________________________________
ii. # already available in space(s): _______________________________________
g. Specialized equipment that will be housed in the lab space(s) that will/may require
special considerations, conditions, services, etc.: _____________________________
h. Special chemical (e.g., HF, HClO4, etc.), radiological, cryogenic or biological hazards:
i. Chemicals: _______________________________________________________
ii. Gases: __________________________________________________________
iii. Radiological material: ______________________________________________
iv. Cryogenics: ______________________________________________________
v. Biological agents (Risk group 2 or above): ______________________________
i. Environmental contaminant restrictions (e.g. metal free, HEPA filtered [indicate Class,
if known], Clean Room, etc.):
i. Restrictions: ______________________________________________________
ii. Scientific justification: _______________________________________________
j. Temperature/Humidity stability (if above normal office level):
i. Temperature: (note – in most LSA buildings the best achievable level is
approximately +/- 2o: _______________________________________________
ii. Humidity: (Note – achieving a tightly controlled range or a humidity level of above
30% during winter months may not be achievable): _______________________
Last updated: 14 January 2016
k. Animal Testing Rooms:
i. #: ______________________________________________________________
ii. Type/duration of testing being conducted: _______________________________
iii. Any special requirements?: __________________________________________
l. Animal Housing Requirements:
i. Species: _________________________________________________________
ii. # of animals and/or cages/tanks: ______________________________________
m. Stray Magnetic field requirements: ________________________________________
n. Vibration requirements: _________________________________________________
o. Controlled access requirements: (e.g., ITAR control, controlled substances, etc.): ___
p. High-speed network access
i. # above standard 1GB connection and desired connection speed: ____________
ii. Justification: ______________________________________________________
q. Any other non-standard lab characteristics or requirements:
i. _________________________________________________________________
ii. _________________________________________________________________
3. Do you anticipate installing equipment that will impact building operations (examples
include: unusually high weight loadings, high heat loading, 208/480V power, generation of
RF interference, large volumes of water requiring extra drain capacity, suffocation risk from
release of He, strong magnetic fields, laser irradiation, noise generation, etc.):
a. ____________________________________________________________________
b. ____________________________________________________________________
4. Graduate Student/Post-doc Spaces
a. # desk spaces required: ________________________________________________
b. Kitchenette desired?: __________________________________________________
5. Additional Comments/Requirements not listed above: