February 16, 2011

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Site Council Agenda For Wednesday, February 16th , 2011
At 3:45 we will:
1. Explain the reason for the shift in our professional development timeline
A. Where do grading, differentiation, CSI, and Literacy fit in?
B. Why the focus on Equity?
The process between our last site council meeting, the prof. dev. Calendar, and
the reasons for it being changed.
C. What is the reason for the formation of an “Equity Committee” and the
Student Peace Coalition?
-Is there a professor at a local college that might serve as a connection—ralls
-The student Peace Coalition
D. The term “unity” vs. “diversity”: Diversity can be a dividing word. The
purpose of our effort here is to unify, not divide.
2. Additional Business
What can we do to increase our site council membership?
Planning the Calendar:
1. 23rd
Racial Autobiography, part II.
2. 2nd
3. 9th
Panel discussion around race.
4. 15th
Future Ideas around Equity:
A. A panel discussion
Future Agenda Items:
Norms Agreed On By Group:
1. Start-stop meetings on time.
2. Allow discussion and adequate reflection time.
3. Stay focused on topics relevant to site council.
4. Honor divergent opinions.
5. Save time to propose future agenda items.
6. Provide a week’s notice if meetings are changed or cancelled.