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Tulane Undergraduate
Conference on
Latin America
Saturday Nov. 20, 2010
Session I 9:00-10:30
Panel 1: Welfare (Jones 102)
Compromise and Conflict: Recent Policy Debates in Latin America
Carlos Grover, “Property Struggles In Brazilian Cities: ‘Treating The Equal Equally and the
Unequal Unequally’”
Abigail Nixon, Cuba’s Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina: Doctors of Both Science and
Jessie Yoste, “Hexed? Vodou Observance of Trauma through the Lens of the 2010 Haitian
Discussant: Dr. Maureen Long, f Political Economy and The Center for Ethics and Public
Panel 2: Identity (Jones 108)
The Paradoxes of Perspective: Agency, Identity and Nation in Latin
America Film and Literature
Davita Petty, “’Zora, don’t you come here and tell de biggest lie first thing’: Creole Identity in
the Writing of Zora Neale Hurston
Cristina Alvarado-Suarez, “Desenmascarando la identidad nacional: The Problem of National
Integration and Nicaraguan Literature”
Phylicia Martel, “Romance and Revolution at a Crossroads: Mapping Zapatista Discourse in
Corazón del tiempo”
Discussant: Dr. Roxanne Davila, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Session II: 10:45-12:15
Panel 3: Encounter (Jones 102)
Intermestic Identities: Twenty-First-Century Geo-Politics and Cultural
Stephanie Moore, “Blown Away: Indigenous Rights in Coca-Crazed Bolivia”
Eric Schwartz, “Communism’s Silent Killer: Cuba's Jinetero and the Hustle to Freedom”
Jessica Frankel, “A New Hegemony for Bolivia? Embracing Indigeneity in Response to the War
on Drugs”
Discussant: Dr. Raúl A. Sánchez Urribarrí, Department of Political Science
Tulane Undergraduate
Conference on
Latin America
Saturday Nov. 20, 2010
Session II: 10:45-12:15
Panel 4: Nation (Jones 108)
Solidarity Beyond the State: New Concepts of
Citizenship in Post-Neo-Liberal Latin America
Eva Canan “Lixo Humano? The Social Transformation of Brazilian Waste Pickers”
Pike, Rebecca “Children of the Revolution: Afro-Brazilian Youth Movements in the 21st
Jane Esslinger, “Slaughter Houses, Factories and Conventillos: New Spaces for Culture-Based
Urban Development and Citizen Participation in Neo-Liberal Buenos Aires”
Discussant: Dr. David G. Ortiz, Department of Sociology
Session III: 1:15–2:45
Panel 5: Exchange (Jones 102)
Our North is the South: How Recent Migration Patterns and Policy
Trouble Conventional Wisdom
Kathleen Dunn, “Welcome Home? Consequences of Return Migration in Western Mexico”
Rachel Young, “Salir Adelante: The Curious Case of Peruvian Migration to Chile and the
Singularity of the Peruvian Migrant”
Monica Peters, “Immigration is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: The Formation of Mexico’s
immigration policy and its Role as a Receiving and Transit State.”
Discussant: Dr. Casey Kane Love, Department of Political Science
Panel 6: Creativity (Jones 108)
A History of Violence: Human Dignity and the Politics of
Emily Gatehouse, “‘Me gustaría saber más. Me gustaría saber todo.’ The Duality of
Memorializing Argentine State Terrorism”
Rebecca Chilbert, “Made in Mexico: How the Mexican Media presents Slavery as Something
Made in China”
Susie DeLapp, “Failing the Poto Mitan? International Aid Organizations and Structural Violence
in Haiti”
Discussant: Dr. Justin Wolfe, Department of History