Forms of Government-Distribution of Power

Forms of Government: How is power distributed?
Part I- How is power distributed in your house?
Using the Venn Diagram, determine how do you and your parents distribute
the following powers based on who gets to decide. If you share the decision
making related to one of the following, list that in the middle of the diagram.
Your Powers
Your Parents Powers
Clothes You Wear
People You Date
Your Doctor
How Late You Stay Out
How Much Money You Have
Phone You Purchase
Activities You Are In
Clothes You Buy
Classes You Take
Church You Attend
Car You Drive
Friends You Have
Food You Eat
School You Attend
Part II- How is power distributed in the U.S. ?
Using the Venn Diagram, determine the powers that are distributed between
the federal government and the state government. Is it a federal power, or a
state power If they are powers that both states and the federal government
share, list it in the middle of the Venn Diagram.
State Power
Coin Power
Pass Taxes
Declare War
Shared Power
Conduct Elections
Defend the Country
Protect Rights
Create School Standards
Make Agreements with Foreign Nations
Make Laws For Environment
Federal Power
Punish Law Breakers
Create Marriage Laws
Issue Driver’s Licenses
Part 3- How Do Government Systems Distribute Power? (3 Ways of
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