Hiring Protocol for Chief Administrator Positions (Word document)


Hiring Protocol for LSA Unit Administrator (UA) Positions








Chair, Director or key administrator notifies the Sr. Manager for the Unit Administrators (UA) that a UA is leaving their unit including the letter/email of resignation indicating whether the individual is leaving the

University or transferring to another unit. In general at least 3-4 weeks is considered to be the standard length of notice. The UA Sr. Manager will conduct an exit interview when applicable (the LSA HR Director and UA

Steering Committee should also receive any relevant feedback from the exit interview process).

The UA Sr. Manager discusses the transition with the Chair/Director to determine some initial information about the search process and the unit’s needs and works with the Chair/Director to determine UA backup support during the hiring process.

The UA Sr. Manager and the LSA HR rep draft the position description, the description is then reviewed and approved by the Chair before posting. At the time of the posting (or even before) the UA Sr. Manager will send out an email message to the LSA Administrative Forum group announcing the opening.

The UA Sr. Manager works with the LSA HR staff to create the search committee. Two UAs serve on the committee with the assigned LSA HR representative as well as an assigned representative from the LSA Budget

& Finance Team. The UA representatives will be individuals from a unit of some similarity in size, discipline, and or other attributes.

The Search Committee reviews the standard set of screening interview questions used in LSA for any adjustments that should be made for the particular circumstances. The committee reviews the qualifications from the posting and then begins to review the resumes on a rolling basis as soon as a significant number of candidates have applied.

LSA HR arranges the interview schedule. Generally somewhere between 5-10 candidates will be interviewed by the Search Committee. They will only pass on the candidates that they believe can do the job effectively to the

Chair/Director. During this stage of the process the LSA HR Office also reviews the UM personnel files of any internal or former employee candidates that are being seriously considered.

LSA HR will then work with the Chair/Director on mapping out the interview timeline and then request the

Chair/Director’s Secretary to place holds on their calendar for the appropriate week that the second round


interviews will take place. LSA HR will provide the Chair/Director a copy of the interview questions used by the search committee and a reference to questions you do not ask at an interview.

The Chair/Director’s Unit manages the second round interview process. Units vary slightly in their process but most include a meeting with the Chair/Director (sometimes with an additional one or two faculty administrator) and a meeting with some members of the staff (depending on the size of the unit this group may be representative or may consist of the entire staff) which is not a true “interview” but an opportunity for the staff to meet the candidates and vice versa. Additional meetings may also be included. (For example, sometimes candidates may meet with other UAs with whom they may regularly collaborate). The Chair/Director can include the UA Sr.


Manager to participate in the second round interviews if they want.

Reference checks are discussed and divided between the Chair/Director and the UA Sr. Manager. LSA HR will contact the appropriate HR Representative as needed. Usually the Chair contacts faculty references and the UA Sr

Manager contacts staff. LSA HR has a set of standard reference check questions that can be used by the

Chair/Director if needed.


Following successful references, the Chair/Director consults with their LSA HR rep on a starting salary. The

Dean’s Office sets UA starting salaries. The Chair/Director makes the final offer to the candidate following discussion with their LSA HR rep or the UA Sr. Manager. The start date is negotiated between the

Chair/Director and the candidate. Once the details are finalized and a verbal acceptance is received a written offer letter is created by the LSA HR rep and given to the Chair/Director to be sent to the candidate. LSA HR processes the hire with central HR.


All candidates who were interviewed by the screening committee should receive an email or phone call from the

LSA HR rep (with the exception of internal, to LSA, candidates which the UA Sr. Manager will contact).


The UA Sr. Manager will notify the appropriate people of the final outcome of the search.


The LSA Mentor Committee Chair assigns a mentor and the on-boarding processes is initiated.

Updated 9/2015