Task 11 Real Class Observation :


Task 11

Real Class Observation :

1. It is suggested that Ss observe Grammar and Vocabulary

/ Reading Classes which are available in English

Departement. Make sure that we have the permission from the observed Ts. ( Head of Dept will have to inform those

Ts in advance ).

2. Ss are grouped into 4 groups or more depending on the availability of the observed classes. A group consists of 4 -

5 Ss.

3. Ss observe the whole lesson, around 100 minutes



1. Ss come to the observed class and observe the teaching-learning process based on the points stated in the Form (below). Make notes on necessary things.

2. Each group should find information / interview about the lesson from the class T.

3. Discussion :

Groups discuss the result of their observation and prepare its report.



Subject :

Level of students :

Number of students:

1. What’s the aim of the lesson ?

2. What are the general classroom techniques used in this lesson ?

3. What are the language teaching procedures ?

4. What’s the material used : is it original or adapted ?

How does the teacher use it with the class ?

5. Other necessary information :


Request for permission to observe

Date :

Dear colleagues,

I’d like to ask permission for my students to come to your class in order to do some observation. The purpose of this activity is to give them an experience of observing how a lesson is implemented in the real classroom and learn from what they see (the observation form is attached).

These students have taken

Teaching Methodology

class and at present, are taking

Material Design


It will be of great help if you could supply them with necessary information and explanation about your lesson.

Thank you for the cooperation and chance given to the students to be in your class.

Best Regards,

Rum Hera Ria

D 2830

Observation schedule






1. Day / Date :

2. Time :

List of students