Reasons to Give Sunbursts In the Commons/Hallways: At your door:

Reasons to Give Sunbursts
In the Commons/Hallways:
Saying “Excuse me”
Holding the door
Returning dropped materials
Staying on the right-hand side
At your door:
Giving a welcoming greeting
Making space for people trying to get into the classroom
At the beginning of class:
Having planner out
Sharpening pencil before instruction begins
Doing warm-ups without prompting
During class:
Raising hand
Helping another
Waiting turns
Moving in an orderly manner
Correct headings
All problems done
All work in
Good quality
Good behavior for sub
End of class:
Writing in planner
Putting chairs up
Pushing chairs in
Asking good homework questions
Other areas:
Waiting in line at lunch
Staying behind dismissal line
Raising hand before dismissal at lunch
Holding door for others
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