Cover page—title & illustration

Cover page—title & illustration
Illustration...bored looking anemone?
One day Lenny the Anemone was feeling
bored on his rock.
His friend Jamie the Wrasse fish was going
to swim to Dublin, and Lenny’s mum said
he wasn’t allowed to go with him!
Lenny was so sad, that he stayed sulking on
his rock all day and night.
In the morning Jamie the Wrasse came
looking for him and suggested they should
sneak out!
Lenny the anemone didn’t think that was a
good idea, to be honest he didn’t really
like the thought of moving from his rock,
but he went along with it anyway.
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After a while they set off,
but Jamie was swimming
too fast for him
Of course Wrasse fish are designed for
swimming, but anemones don’t have fins
so can only float along in whatever
direction the water is flowing.
Lenny wanted to go back, but couldn’t
turn around, and then got caught in some
floating rubbish!
Jamie tried to help him but his little fins
weren’t strong enough to help.
Back at home, Lenny’s mum was very
worried when she spotted the empty place
on the rock! She asked Mr. Wrasse to go
out and look for them.
He set out and soon came upon the
troubled pair.
Mr. Wrasse helped free Lenny from the
rubbish and they went home!
Lenny was in so much trouble, but very
happy to be home!! He would never ever
do that again! Jamie was going to have to
find another sea friend to take on trips,
Lenny liked his place on the rock just fine!
About the Author & Illustrator
Ameerah loves school and her favourite
subjects are Music, P.E., Art and
Drama. She loves writing kids stories,
especially for her younger brother and
sister! Lenny the Anemone isn’t her
first kid’s book, but it is in fact the first
to be published.
About the Illustrator
Dara enjoys playing tennis and
watching Sherlock!
This book was written and illustrated by students from Galway Educate
Together N.S., with support from artists and Ryan Institute scientists,
as part of the 3-year BEAST! (Baboró: Environment, Art, Science and
Technology) project.