US II E Mr. Grundfest 1. Examples of nationalism before WWI

Mr. Grundfest
1. Examples of nationalism before WWI
2. Economic or political rivalries in 1914
3. Why was imperialism a cause of the war?
4. The spark that led to the outbreak of war in Europe was:
5. If the war started over Austria and Serbia, why was Germany ultimately blamed for it?
6. What was America's official position towards the war in Europe in 1914?
7. Characteristics of the early European war
8. Why did the American people have sympathies for both sides in the war?
9. What was President Wilson's reason for declaring war?
10. Why did the Allies really need American help by the Fall of 1917
11. What was the purpose of the War Industries Board?
12. Why was it necessary for the US government to begin a domestic propaganda campaign for the war?
13. The law that punished "disloyal, profane or abusive" language against the war was called…
14. How did the US government finance the war?
15. What social changes occurred because of the war?
16. Wilson's most lasting contribution to the war:
17. What was one main weakness of the League of Nations?
18. US enters WWI
19. Espionage & Sedition Act passed
20. Archduke Franz Ferdinand shot
21. Austria-Hungary gives Serbia an ultimatum
22. Treaty of Versailles
23. The Armistice
24. The sinking of the Lusitania
25. The Sussex Pledge
26. Fourteen Points
27. Americans victory gardens
28. No Man’s Land
29. Selective Service Act
30. Triple Alliance
31. Triple Entente
32. Big Four
33. Armistice
34. Henry Cabot Lodge
35. Kaiser Wilhelm
36. Alvin York
37. George Creel
38. Reparations
39. New nations after WWI
40. Militarism
41. Imperialism