What We Learned This Week… Miss Jackson’s Class Weekly News Central Avenue School

Miss Jackson’s Class Weekly News
Central Avenue School
What We Learned
This Week…
Math – This week we divided by two-digit numbers and
with four-digit and five-digit quotients. We also practiced
solving word problems by drawing diagrams and learned
what to do when there is a remainder in the answer.
11/11 – 11/15
Dates to Remember
Thursday 11/21
Math Clinic 8:10 am
Friday 11/22
Spirit Day – Pajama Day
Reading – We began our mystery unit this week. We
learned about mystery elements, vocabulary, and story
structure. In our notebooks, we also kept track of
important events and clues in our mystery books.
Writing – We discussed persuasive essays and gathered
topics that “bug” us. Then we came up with reasons that
support our opinions and strengthened our opinions by
defending them against a partner’s counterarguments.
November Birthdays
Caleb – 11/11
Jack – 11/14
Science – After presenting our 3-D pond life critters, we
began our unit on simple machines. We discussed the six
different types and then completed an activity where we
calculated the work done on objects as we applied a force.
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