Catcher 1. He likes the “Christmassy” feeling of New York,

Answers to Catcher Chapters 25-26 Questions
1. He likes the “Christmassy” feeling of New York,
reminds him of Phoebe.
2. He isn’t sure he will make it across the street—he
thought he was going to fall.
3. He starts talking to Allie.
4. He wants to smash the head of the person who wrote
“f--- you” on the wall. He wants to erase it at Phoebe’s
school, but is afraid someone will assume he wrote it.
Demonstrates Holden’s concern for the innocent and
5. Has Holden changed? At the end of the story he uses
the word “affected” vs. phony to describe the girl DB
brings to visit. At the end of the story he is more
emotional (when Phoebe gives him her Christmas dough
he cries, etc.). He recognized he is lonely—realized he
needs support from his family/Phoebe.
He recognizes that he misses the people he talked about.
Beginning of the novel = negative thinking; Ending of
novel he recognizes his depression—a glimmer of hope
that he wants human connection and misses others.
6. Catcher in the Rye = Holden wants to be the “catcher”
and protect children from falling. Really, he needs to be
“caught” or saved from his own depression and selfdestruction. He realizes children will make mistakes and
“fall” and that is part of life.