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The following instructional plan is part of a GaDOE collection of Unit Frameworks, Performance Tasks, examples of Student Work, and Teacher Commentary. Many more GaDOE
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Science Curriculum: Grade 3
Georgia Performance Standards: Alternative Curriculum Map
This document is part of a framework that was designed to support the major concepts addressed in the 3rd grade Science Curriculum of the Georgia
Performance Standards through the processes of inquiry and integration of science into reading and ELA. In contrast to the original version of 3rd grade
frameworks, these units are longer and cover multiple topics. Reading selections support the science concepts, and hands-on activities allow students to
explore and relate concepts to real life.
Unit 1: Heat Energy & Magnets
10 weeks
Explain ways heat is produced
Use thermometers to measure heat
Investigate heat transfer
Determine insulators and conductors of heat
Investigate solar heat
Identify objects attracted to magnets
Describe attraction and repulsion of magnetic
Measure strength of various magnets
Explain how magnets are used in everyday life
Investigate connections to rocks and fossils with
nature magnets and heat transfer rock/fossil
Unit 2: Rocks & More
(Rocks and soils/Fossils)
12 weeks
Observe, measure and describe attributes of
rocks and soils
Perform simple tests to group rocks
Compare and contrast rocks
Compare and contrast soils
Explain the process of rock and soil formation
Investigate fossils as evidence
Types of fossils
Model fossils
Recognize patterns of fossils
Relate fossils to organisms
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Science  Grade 3  Curriculum Map
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Unit 3: Georgia on My Mind
(Habitats of Georgia/Interdependence of
Man – Pollution/Conservation)
14 weeks
Differentiate between habitats in different
regions in Georgia
Identify features of green plants that thrive
in different regions
Identify features of animals that thrive in
different regions
Explain what happens if a habitat is
Determine the interdependence of man and
the environment
Recognize kinds of pollution found in land,
water, and air
Linking units 1 & 2 into aspects of Georgia
Habitats and Interdependence