Meet the Coaches Night Madison High School

Madison High School
Meet the Coaches Night
Wednesday, March 4
7 PM
Madison High School Auditorium
All parents of spring athletes are invited to Meet the Coaches night on Wednesday,
March 4 at 7 PM in the Madison High School Auditorium. This is a wonderful
opportunity to meet with your son/daughter’s spring coach, members of your
administration and Athletic Director Sean Dowling. It is at this meeting that you
will receive information on Dodger Athletics; updated Participation policy,
Concussion Policy, NJSIAA Steroid/Drug testing policy, our Northwest Jersey
Athletic Conference (NJAC) membership, and all of your child’s team information
such as game and practice schedules and team training policies. Most importantly,
it will be a great opportunity to meet with the leaders of your team’s booster club
and get organized for the upcoming season. Let’s start the Spring Season off in
great fashion. GO DODGERS!