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Revised 0811 S/2012
Course Pret""ax, Number and Title: GRC 119-Computer Graphics/Digital Media
Division/Unit: Division of Liberal Arts/Graphic Communications
Submitted by: Brian Wells
Contributing Faculty:
Academic Year: 201 1-2012 (Spring 2012)
Complete and electronically submit your assessment report to your Department Chair/Coordinator/Director. As needed, p lease attach supporting documents and/or
a narrative description of the assessment activities in your course.
Course O utcomes
In the boxes below, summarize
the outcomes assessed in your
course during the year.
Students will create time-based
and interactive media content
utilizing software applications.
Assessment Measures
Assessment Results
Use of Results
Effect on Course
In the boxes below, summarize
the methods used to assess course
outcomes during the last year.
In the boxes below, summarize
the results of your assessment
activities during the last year.
In the boxes below, summarize
how you are or how you plan to
use the results to improve student
Based on the results of this
assessment, wi II you revise your
outcomes? If so, please
summarize how and why in the
boxes below:
Student learning was measured
using predetermined criteria on
individual proj ect rubrics. Final
scores were averaged for all 3
projects. This score was averaged
with the score from one
additional section of the course.
Section I students averaged
80.5% for the course, and section
2 averaged 83.3% for the course.
I am satisfied with an overall
student performance average of
81.9% for the two sections of
GRC 119. Two students in
section 1 earned the grade off,
and two students in section 1
earned the grade of C-. Section 2
fared linle better with one F and
two C grades recorded. These
grades were factored into the
individual class averages and the
final, total, averages.
This outcome appears, over the
course of two semesters for
which I have been collecting
data, to be relatively stable at j Wlt
over 80% . Based upon the
demographic make-up of these
learners, I do not plan to change
the learning outcomes, or the
measurement methods, at this
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