TK_3_ASSGNMENT_business_english_GO374 a. book b. to

Use of English
1. State which parts of speech are represented by each of the following words:
a. book
b. to
c. generate
d. genuine
e. machine
f. equipment
g. quickly
h. concerning
i. innocent
j. study
2. Identify the subject an choose an appropriate verb in each of these sentences.
1. This problem ____________ easy to resolve.
2. The fault with our computer ______ rectified yesterday.
3. The notice in all yesterday’s newspapers ______ the news.
4. A representative from all departments _______ present at the meeting.
5. A questionnaire comprising three pages _____ completed by all participant.
3. Neither/either/every/each
Choose the correct verb to complete these sentences:
a. Neither of the students ______ ready for examinations.
b. Some of the books that the students need to by ______ expensive.
c. Every student in the class ______ learning accurate keyboarding skills.
d. All the male students in the class ______ hoping to find jobs in big companies.
e. This student accommodation is popular because each student _____ a single