October 2013 Daily Learning Planner: Ideas Parents Can Use to Help

Madison Public Schools
Matthew Mingle, Director of Curriculum
October 2013
Daily Learning Planner: Ideas Parents Can Use to Help
o 1. Practice math facts with your child. When you’re playing catch, call out
a problem (such as 4 x 2) when you toss the ball. See if he can say the
answer before he catches it.
o 2. A sk your child where she would go if she could go anywhere in the world.
o 3. Make your home “kid friendly” with snacks and fun games.
o 4. Review school bus safety with your child.
o 5. Learn a magic trick with your child.
o 6. Ask your child to explain a homework assignment to you.
o 7. Read a story aloud as a family.
o 8. Offer to drive your child and his friends somewhere.
o 9. Create a tradition with your child, such as calling for a “music break.”
Whenever someone is upset, put on a favorite song.
o 10. Ask your child how she would make friends with someone new at
Students Do Well in School—Try a New Idea Every Day!
o 19. Think of challenging situations your child might face. Role-play them
o 20. Ask your child to use the dictionary to find as many five-syllable words
as he can.
o 21. Let your child help you research a major purchase. List important
features and ask your child to find the best deal.
o 22. Arrange photos in an album with your child.
o 23. Help your child focus on the positive aspects of mistakes.
o 24. Have your child practice shaking hands and making eye contact. It will
make social situations easier.
o 25. Discuss the importance of good attendance
with your child.
o 26. Choose a place to keep library books. Your
child will always be able to find something to
o 11. Ask your child how he thinks he is doing in his classes.
o 12. Spend some time reading the newspaper with your child.
o 13. Make sure your child has plenty of free time for reading.
o 14. Provide some “personal space” for your child.
o 15. Ask your child to tell you about the historical figures she is studying in
o 27. Give your child some graph paper to use in math class. It will help her
o 16. Teach your child a literary term such as onomatopoeia.
o 17. Say something nice to your child before he leaves for school, such as,
o 31. Ask your child what she thinks is the best job in the whole world.
work with columns of numbers.
o 28. Ask your child to write a letter to a relative.
o 29. Encourage your child to clean out his locker at school.
o 30. Find an interesting word in the dictionary. Challenge your child to use
it three times during the day.
“Have a great day!”
o 18. Challenge your child to run a 30-yard dash. Time her. Ask her to keep
practicing to improve her time.
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