Industry Controlled Other Party Aerospace Auditor Expectations Kristy Heffernan Director - Quality

Industry Controlled Other Party
Aerospace Auditor Expectations
Kristy Heffernan
Director - Quality
Integrated Defense Systems
The Boeing Company
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100% first pass quality – Get it right the first time, every time and on time.
Continual Improvement – Always look for ways to improve performance
Customer Focus – Be aware of and meeting Boeing unique requirements.
Compliance – Ensure compliance with all FAA and DoD requirements.
Aerospace Auditors
Competency – Auditors should be knowledgeable, competent and know their limitations.
Communicate – Complete accurate reporting, be aware of OASIS feedback issues and
discuss with clients, know when to ask questions.
Customers – Be aware of customer requirements that should be embedded within clients
quality management systems.
Performance – Focus on organizational performance at each surveillance, increase
surveillance for poor performing suppliers
Improvement – Document findings in a way that drives the right behavior and systemic
corrective action
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ICOP Improvements
The negative perception regarding our ICOP process is
being reversed.
Soft grading concerns are being addressed.
9101 audit reports have improved.
We are working together to identify opportunities for
OASIS Feedback process is working.
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Additional Opportunities for Improvement
Effective Documentation of Findings – Document findings in a way that drive root cause
analysis and systemic corrective action and not quick fixes
Corrective Action – Effective 5 part corrective action, including clear root cause, correction
and action to prevent reoccurrence. Ensure effective implementation via timely verification.
OASIS Administration – Data entry accuracy, timeliness and expired certifications continue
to be a problem.
Organization effectiveness – Audit for more than just existence. Look for adequacy and
Customer Requirements – Ensure clients have addressed customer requirements within
their QMS. (e.g., AS9102 FAI)
Depth of Audits - No surface skimming. Ensure sufficient audit samples from all
customers with coverage for all work shifts..
Auditor Competence – CB Management must have processes to evaluate auditor
competence and effective technical review of audit packages prior to cert decision.
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 The Boeing Company supports and advocates the use of
the ICOP certification process.
 You can make a difference!
 “Working Together” we can continue to improve.
 If assistance is needed contact our Boeing Oversight
Boeing Oversight Representatives
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