Homework: The CMG Program: Planting Gardens, Growing People CMG GardenNotes

CMG GardenNotes #019
Homework: The CMG Program:
Planting Gardens, Growing People
1. Spend a few minutes becoming familiar with the content of the Colorado Master Gardener website at
2. From the CMG website homepage, click on VMS (on the left navigation bar) and enter VMS.
Complete your VMS profile page and set your password. (Refer to CMG GardenNotes #013)
3. Class time did not allow us to cover all the information in the CMG GardenNotes related to this class.
Read CMG GardenNotes #011(Learning) and #015 (Communications). If you are a CMG volunteer,
also read #014 (The Colorado Master Gardener Program).
4. Complete Listening Habits Quiz, CMG GardenNotes #017.
5. Complete Copyright Quiz, CMG GardenNotes #018.
Answer the following questions
1. How can YOU enhance your learning in this course?
2. What mind filters do you have that enhance your communications? That impede your
3. Who are the three funding partners in Colorado State University Extension?
4. In your own words, what is the mission of the CMG program?
5. For your protection, what are the service limitations for CMG volunteers (as discussed in CMG
GardenNotes #014)?