Pertemuan 22 Proses Bisnis SDM, Keuangan, dan Konversi Matakuliah

: M0034 /Informasi dan Proses Bisnis
: 2005
: 01/05
Pertemuan 22
Proses Bisnis SDM,
Keuangan, dan Konversi
Learning Outcomes
Pada akhir pertemuan ini, diharapkan mahasiswa
akan mampu :
• Membuat diagram / skema Real Model
proses bisnis lain dan kaitannya dengan TI
Outline Materi
• Kasus Federal Bureau of Investigation
Lanjutan dari
Pertemuan 21
Kasus Kecil
• Recently, the Federal bureau of Investigation
(FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and
the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) formed a
special task force to crack down on illegal aliens
who commit monetary crimes against the U.S.
government and do not pay taxes on their illegal
incomes. This special task force, known as the
Federal Intelligence Service (FIS), has enjoyed
great success and has generated huge
revenues from collecting taxes on illegal income.
This success can largely be attributed to the
combined resources and specialties of the FBI,
CIA and IRS.
• The FIS’s tremendous revenue-producing ability
has caused the U.S. government to demand
move FIS agents. This demand coupled with the
FBI’s, CIA and IRS’s unwillingness to supply
additional agents, has forced the FIS to hire new
• The FIS follows many of the same hiring
procedures used by the aforementioned
investigative agencies. The FIS carefully
screens each applicant before hiring them using
physical endurance tests, interviews, polygraph
tests, written exams, background checks and
psychological tests.
• Interviewers and administrative agents form a
review committee to study the information
collected and determine which candidates to
hire. Only the most qualified candidates are
hired. The committee chooses the best
candidate and sends the candidates files to the
office of personnel management, which hires the
candidate, completes employment
arrangements and paperwork and establishes a
start date. Salaries are nonnegotiable since the
government predetermines salary levels for
entry-level investigative agents.
• Agents are paid monthly, according to their
pay scale, after deducting involuntary as
well as voluntary deductions. Each year,
on the anniversary of employment, each
agent’s supervisor conducts a
performance evaluation. The supervisor
completes a performance evaluation form
that is stored in the agent’s file and used
later to determine promotions and pay
• Agents discontinue employment in one of three ways:
being terminated, quitting or retiring. In some cases, a
supervisor dismisses an agent as a result of the
performance evaluation if sufficient evidence of
misconduct or negligence exists to support the
termination. Agents occasionally quit the agency to
pursue more attractive employment options. Agents are
eligible for retirement after 20 years of service,
regardless of which agency (FBI, CIA or IRS) initially
employed them or where they are currently assigned.
Agents may elect to remain with the FIS after 20 years
but must retire by age 55. retired agents receive
retirement benefits until they die.
• Required:
– Lihat tugas REAL Model
– Lihat Tugas DFD
– Lihat Tugas Identifikasi Bisnis
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