Need Help with School Supplies? District 95 Families,  Joanie’s Closet provides school supplies  

District 95 Families, Need Help with
School Supplies?
Joanie’s Closet provides school supplies for those in need. If you would like to receive school supplies from Joanie’s Closet, please fill out the bo om por on of this form and return it to your child’s school office by May 15th. Joanie's Closet is a non‐profit organiza on serving under‐resourced District 95 students and their families, in collabora on with the community, by providing basic needs to help students achieve their full poten al. If you would like to make a monetary dona on to Joanie’s Closet, please make your check payable to: District 95 Educa onal Founda on ‐ Joanie’s Closet 400 S. Old Rand Road Lake Zurich, IL 60047 Elementary and middle school supplies can be picked up at Meet the Principal Day in August. High School supplies will be available from the Registrar’s Office the week before school starts. Please keep the top part of this form as a reminder. Please fill out one form per student Student’s Name: _______________________________________ Grade: ______ School: __________________________________ *Please provide your child’s grade and school for the 2014‐2015 school year