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Hi Jeremy, how is everything going?
I was wondering if you would be interested in designing a turbine fan for the hydroelectric
generator that I'm trying to get built.
If you are interested, the outside diameter of the fan is going to be about 3 feet. It can be more or
less if you need it to be so, the size isn't extremely critical. The inner diameter, within which the
rotating shaft is going to insert is going to be 2.5 inches (once again, the dimension isn't critical,
as the shaft can be turned down or an adaptor can be made for fit). The overall thickness of the
fan is about 1 or 2 feet - larger or smaller at your discretion of course. As for the scoops
themselves, the only requirement I have is that at no point should the tangent of the curve be
perpendicular to the rotational axis. This is because the water wouldn't be able to flow quite as
smoothly if it had more or less a "wall" that it had to go around.
If you are interested, be sure to e-mail me and let me know what's going on, if not, thanks for at
least reading my e-mail.
See you in class,