– Current Popular IT IV – T0693 Tugas Review

Tugas Review – Current Popular IT IV – T0693
Module 1
Review Questions
1. What controls the computer hardware, program execution environment, and user
a. PC
b. Administrator
c. Operating system
d. Hard drive
2. Which NOS system support multi-user capability?
a. Unix
b. Windows 2000
c. Windows XP
d. Linux
3. NOS server’s components are typically more robust what components are they
referring to?
a. Memory
b. CPU
c. Disk space
d. Expansion slots
e. All of the above
4. What is Microsoft referring to a group of computers, users, and resources that form an
administrative boundary?
a. Group
b. Domain
c. Environment
d. All of the above
5. NT 4.0 requires one and only one of these:
a. BDC
b. SAM
c. PDC
d. BNC
6. What are two types of file systems that can be installed with Windows 2000?
a. NFS
b. FAT 32
c. LFS
7. What types of security does Windows 2000 use with VPN’s?
a. L2TP
8. What does MMC stand for?
a. My Management Center
b. Microsoft Management Console
c. Microsoft Managing Center
d. My Management Console
9. Of the Windows 2000 family of operating systems which is the most expensive?
a. Windows 2000 Pro
b. Windows 2000 Server
c. Windows 2000 .NET server
d. Windows 2000 Advanced server
10. How many simultaneous connections will Windows 2000 Pro support?
a. 20
b. 10
c. 25
d. 100