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Area: Math, Problem Solving
Strategy: Spatial Visualization
Appropriate Grade Level: 1-6
1. Students are given a math story problem.
2. Students read the problem or read the problem to the students.
3. Students underline important images in the problem.
4. Ask the students to think of what the problem might look like in their head.
5. Ask the students to draw a visual representation of the problem.
6. Have the students write a numerical sentence.
Be sure the students are drawing a representation of the problem and not just pictures of
the items mentioned in the problem.
Comments and/or tips:
Visualization in mathematics is the practice of creating pictorial representations of
mathematical problems.
Students visualize and draw the problem, allowing them to obtain a clearer
understanding of what the problem is asking.
Van Garderen, D. (2006). Spatial visualization, visual imagery, and mathematical
problem-solving of students with varying abilities. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 39(6),