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Functional Behavior Assessment: Behavior Management
Strategy: Functional Behavior Assessment
Appropriate Grade Level: 1st- 12th
 Identify the problematic behavior
 Define the behavior
 Record the behavior using an observational recording system
 Obtain additional information about the student and the behavior
 Perform an Antecedents-Behavior-Consequences (A-B-C) analysis
 Analyze the data and develop hypothesis
 Consider sociocultural factors
 Develop a behavioral intervention plan
 Evaluate the plan
Comments and/or tips:
 You can use interviews/questionnaires to learn more about the student
from parents, teachers, or even the student
 Reinforce the desirable behaviors while conducting FBA
 Warn students before transitioning
 Control proximity
 Dismiss students in small groups, not one large one
 Redirect inappropriate behavior while conducting FBA
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behaviors of students with ADD. Intervention in School and Clinic,
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