Introduction to Engineering – 1 Lab 2 Assembling the Conveyor/Sorter

Introduction to Engineering
Lab 2 – 1
Assembling the Conveyor/Sorter
 Goal of today’s lab.
 Storing your team’s conveyor/sorter.
 Tool kits.
 Safety.
 Assignment.
Lab 2 Goal
Assemble the
complete conveyor
Storing conveyor/sorter
Storage space constraints
 All materials must fit inside a storage bin 12”
high, 18” deep, 12” wide.
Storage space location and labeling.
Must remove the sorter for storage
Tool Kits
One kit per table.
Tools in each kit labeled.
Contents of each kit listed.
Inventory kit at beginning and end of lab.
 Report any missing tools to the instructor
Safety Review
No dangling jewelry or loose clothes.
Close-toed shoes.
Be careful with sharp corners.
Recall location of phone and first-aid kit.
Report ALL injuries.
Conveyor Parts List
 2 36” angle iron
 3 17” angle iron
 1 20” angle iron
 2 10” angle iron
 13 nuts and bolts
 2 rollers
 1 Plexiglas pulley
 1 o-ring
 1 motor
 1 canvas belt
 1 steel sheet
 1 trim angle iron
Conveyor Parts
Conveyor Assembly Steps
Inventory parts
Assemble frame
Preliminary truing
Finish frame
Finish assembly
Test and true
Frame Assembly
 Lay out side rails
using roller for
 Attach cross (17”)
piece at second wide
 Tighten nuts finger
Frame Assembly
 Attach cross (20”)
piece at fourth side
holes, as shown
 Tighten nuts finger
Preliminary Truing
Measure diagonally from axle to axle (see
next slide)
Adjust frame alignment until the diagonal
measurements are the same
Fully tighten nuts and bolts, taking care
not to disturb frame alignment
Preliminary Truing
Finish Frame
 Attach diagonal
braces (17”)
 Attach feet and adjust
for maximum height
 Fully tighten all nuts
and bolts
Finish Conveyor
 Slide belt over pulleys
 Attach rollers, o-ring
and belt
Finish Conveyor
Attach motor
Finish Conveyor
Insert belt support sheet
Test and True
 Test belt
 If necessary, attach
trim piece
 Widening the roller
separation on one
side tends to make
the belt move away
Lab 2 Report
 Complete assembly of conveyor belt.
 Test and adjust the conveyor
 Observe the behavior of the test objects
 Disassemble the conveyor
 Prepare written report following format in Project
 Remember – a person not on your team should
be able to build your system from the sketches
in your report.