Introduction to Engineering Brainstorming for Team Project – 1 Lab 1

Introduction to Engineering
Brainstorming for Team Project
Lab 1 – 1
 Discuss ways to sort the three objects
 Make sketches of the sorting system
Lab 1 Report
 Brainstorm to develop at least four ideas for
sorting 3 types of objects.
 Select & report 3 best ideas for the complete
sorting system
 Report to be typed except for sketches.
 Content of team report –
Cover page.
List of ideas with written description of the 3 best
ones – One page each.
Sketches of the best ideas
Design Project
 During the second semester of Introduction to
Engineering, you work with one team.
 Your team will design, build, and test a
conveyor/sorter system to sort recyclables.
 You will be expected to complete weekly
assignments, keep a project notebook, show
that your conveyor works, and document your
design well enough to allow another team to
build it.
Think about sorting devices.
Try to improve on the ideas your team
developed in class.
Read all materials on the design-build
project and be prepared to ask questions
on areas that are unclear.