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f o r 05/18/15
Campus Incidents
15-0841 – Criminal Mischief – Cougar Field – 05/18/15 1144 hours– Officer Garza – A UH
staff member reported an unknown individual sprayed the second floor fire extinguisher
located in Cougar Field. Additionally a Fire Alarm pull station cover was tampered with
causing it to emit an alarm. The incident occurred at 1149 hours, 05/18/15. The Case is
Active Pending New Information.
15-0843 – Criminal Mischief – Cougar Village – 05/18/15 1322 hours – Officer Johnston – A
UH residential staff member reported that several room signs were stolen from the 6th and
7th floor of Cougar Village II. The incident occurred between 1700 hours, 05/15/15 and 1325
hours, on 05/18/15. The Case is Active.
15-0845 – Theft – Campus Recreation and Wellness Center – 05/18/15 2002 hours – Officer
Santana – A UH student’s unattended, unsecured cell phone was stolen by an unknown
person. The incident occurred between 1900 and 2000 hours, on 05/18/15. The Case is
Active Pending New Information.
Case Update
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On Public Property
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UH Victoria
UH Sugar Land
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