CHY 4U1 – Image Analysis Architecture

CHY 4U1 – Image Analysis
Comparing and Contrasting Medieval Gothic Architecture and Renaissance
Discussing the illustration:
1. We see the humanist spirit not just in the literature and art of the Renaissance, but also in
the architecture. On the right is a good example of Renaissance Architecture. It is a
cathedral located in a very old Italian city – a city many call the “birthplace of the
Renaissance.” Can you guess what city? **hint – The Jersey Shore Cast spent their fourth
season there…
2. Examine both pictures. On the left is a cathedral that represents Medieval Gothic
architecture of the Middle Ages while on the right is a picture representing the architecture
of the Renaissance. Create a list that compares and contrasts the two different styles.
3. The cathedral on the right has many features meant to remind people of “classical”
architecture. What is meant in this case by the term “classical”? What are some of the
“classical” features of this cathedral? Why do you think the classical style appealed to the
architects or Renaissance Italy?
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