How to Collect Log Files Through the Serial Port Contents Introduction

How to Collect Log Files Through the Serial Port
on the Nexsan Device
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This document explains the steps to collect the log files through the serial port on the Nexsan device.
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This is the step−by−step procedure:
1. The HyperTerminal needs to be configured as shown in order to establish the communication with the
null modem cable:
Baud rate 115200
Data bits 8
Parity None or 0 −−−> Depends on version of HyperTerminal
Stop bits 1
Flow Control None
2. Click OK to establish communication.
3. Choose Transfer −−> Capture text at the top of the terminal window.
4. Browse to the location at which the file will be saved, and save as a text.txt file.
5. Dump the log file to the serial port:
a. From the Main menu, choose Information.
b. Choose System Related Information.
c. Dump the event log and config to the serial port.
Note: Some versions of firmware display only > Dump Event Log.
d. Press Enter to dump the file.
6. Choose the number of events per page or enter the defaults.
7. Capture the events.
a. Press the space bar until you reach end of the page.
b. Your log file is captured to the created file.
8. If you still have issues, feel free to e−mail Technical Support at [email protected]
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