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Production Technology
May 4, 2016
475 Edison Way Room 270, 5:30pm
The following persons were present: Andrew Duty, Mark Kotsios, Jeff Ketner, Michael Borne, Leon Gill, George Lacombe,
Greg Anderson, John Caster, Victor Albiniano, Jeff Heinzen, Jim New, Randy Walden, Cheryl Olson, Tim Walden, Andrew
Daniels, Jim Gavenda, Pat Jarvis, Deb O’Gorman, Nathan Lower, Gavin Rohel and Donna Saunders.
Call to order: 5:35 pm. Introduction of members and guests.
Approval of minutes: Jeff motioned to approve minutes, Andrew D approved, Randy seconded.
Explained internships, that externships were for instructors and how Andrew D will have one at Tesla soon.
Skill sets needed for industry and the issue with school is because of the open entry/open exit enrollment varies,
not the normal school enrollment.
The program is competency based, 90% passing on assessments and 100% on labs. Students procrastinate and
wait until the end before working on classes. Discipline needed to finish classes, advantageous for incumbent
workers who can study around work hours especially since we are open nights, Saturdays. A good way of telling
how driven a student in is to ask them how long it took them to finish the program.
No wait list any longer, let people sign up for classes any time up until the last few weeks of the semester, just
have them sign up for fewer classes.
Introduction of new Production Instructor, Andrew Daniels.
Mark K asked how we measure success? Jim said that traditionally it was by those who finished program, but that
it is for him how many were hired and if the employers were happy. Deb measures people on the correct pathways
to get the certifications for industry, cert level completer. Jim had a phone conference and was assured that we will
be able to count as completers all those who finish the apprenticeship program through NSHE for the college. Certs
for industry- do we have a way of testing people for aptitude, employability? Third party testing- MSSC and also
STM’s for employees and preemployment, Work keys and NCRC. For an existing employee we could assess and get
necessary classes to strengthen their skills, Randy suggested a ½ credit at a time, employer could also choose
needed classes. Victor asked about employability (attendance, driving record) and Jim explained about FERPAback ground checks would be necessary for that. The Instructors would only recommend those with good work
ethics in school, and that is where asking how long it took the student to finish his/her classes comes into play.
Employment- Jeff talked about how happy he was with his new employee that graduated from our program, how
knowledgeable she is. Recommends our employees highly.
Internships-a good way to screen employees, find the best fit for the company. We would help with the paperwork
and is a good transition for apprenticeships.
Apprenticeship- entry level wages (employer defined), on the job training, levels progress (time frame employer
defined), at least yearly until reach journeyman level. Benefits are $700 from grant per student and depreciation
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sped up from 15 years to 7 for equipment. Apprenticeship needs 144 hours for classes per year, approximately
2000 work hrs. Employer John Caster told that he hired 90 people and have 15 left, that is where apprenticeship
would change things- higher retention for employers. Cheryl handed out apprenticeship flyers that explained
benefits and let the employers know that each apprenticeship would be individualized for each business according
to needs.
Jim Gavenda talked about the confidence he gained from taking the classes and getting his Certificate of
Achievement and how the PLC programming training is essential to his job. Through school, he learned the right
questions to ask to be able to get the job done.
We would create advanced courses for the industry.
Nancy Roe’s contact information for Employers- [email protected]
Minutes taken by Donna Saunders
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