HPER 6440 Task 1 Scoring Guide

HPER 6440
Task 1 Scoring Guide
This assignment will help you identify the audience and stakeholders for your evaluation. Address all the
components below to complete this task. Be sure to clearly organize your materials, computer generate all
documents and attach all pages with a staple. Submit a copy of this scoring guide with your assignment
(no scoring guide, –20 points).
/60 Format
/10 Presentation style (neat, organized, stapled)
/20 All components included
/30 Grammar, spelling, organization, and clarity of writing
/100 Content
/20 Completed copy of Figure 11.1 included
/10 Whom might you choose to interview?
/20 What might be the perspectives of each person/group?
/20 Should some representatives of the audiences/stakeholders be invited to serve as an
advisory committee for the evaluation? If yes, whom and why would you select them?
/30 Notes on items A1-5 on the Evaluation Design Checklist (EDC) included