HPER 6440 Reading Reflection Rubric

HPER 6440
Reading Reflection Rubric
Each reflection you produce should reveal your understanding of the content and your reactions to that
content. My emphasis is on developing your ability to concisely summarize key points and provide your
reasoned personal reactions to those points. I am most interested in what you get from the readings, not
how well you recite what the authors have noted. Your reflections must be 1-2 pages long for each reading
(front/back preferred). Readings are sometimes multiple chapters, so choose key points carefully.
Reflections should be written in paragraph format, use 12-point font, double-spaced text. A copy of this
rubric must accompany each reflection (no rubric, –20 points).
/70 Format
/10 Citation of chapter(s) included in summary
/20 Main points of reading identified BRIEFLY (concise is key)
/30 Personal reactions to reading (more information here)
/10 Grammar, spelling, organization, and clarity of writing
/100 Content
/50 Main points cogently and concisely presented
/50 Quality of reactions, support for your position provided