Learning Goals (Unit 9)

Learning Goals (Unit 9)
I will be able to …
 understand what is required to determine the equation of a
 determine the vector, parametric, and Cartesian (scalar)
equations of a plane
 explain why there exists no symmetric equation for a plane
 calculate the angles between two intersecting planes
 determine several points on any given plane
 determine whether different equations represent the same
 determine whether two planes are parallel, coincident or
intersecting by analyzing their normals
 determine the intersection, if any, of two planes
 determine the intersection, if any, of a line and a plane
 determine the intersection, if any, of three planes
 describe all possible scenarios of two planes and of three
 define coplanar normals and apply the formula in order to
classify a system
 apply elementary operations in order to solve a system of
three equations in three unknowns
 determine the distance from a point to a plane or the
distance between two parallel planes
 describe the orientation of planes if one or more variables
are missing from the scalar equation of a plane