Using Smart Ideas

Using Smart Ideas
• Go to the start menu Programs Productivity Smart Ideas
• Choose blank template or go to templates to use an organizer that is
already made
• Use the tool bar to the left hand side to select shapes, colours and
You can use simple or deluxe
connectors or text boxes
Double click on the connector you
would like to use to have it appear
on the screen. Move it around with
your mouse until it is in the spot you
would like it.
You can also click and drag the
textbox you would like to use if you
want to use two different shapes.
You can use the tool bar at the top of the screen to make adjustments to
your work as well
Change font size,
style , and colour
with these
Add a plain
Add a
white shape
and change its
colour with
these buttons.
Change the
placement of
end and
style with
text with this
Add a postit note with this
button. Post it notes are hidden
This can also
This is a post
and can only be seen when
it note.
you click on them
• You can also create a second layer
laye to your work. If you don’t want your
diagram to be over crowded you can create layers or a second page to your
work. This is done by clicking the green arrow in the top left corner of the text
To make the text box larger drag
the bottom right hand corner of
the text box
To write in the text box click
the centre of the text box.
When you click the green arrow it will take you to another screen that will
look similar to the first screen you were on. It will have the subject of the text
box as a title.
To go back to the first screen click the back
Smart Ideas has many of the same functions as Word such as save, View,
Format, copy, paste, etc. It also has new functions like the outline button you
can click the outline button and see an overview of ALL the layers you create.
After viewing the outline go back to your diagram by clicking the Diagram button
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