How to play the Game: Firms phones.

How to play the Game:
Firms (maximum of 2 students) compete within an industry (several teams
from within a class in the same school) whose sole product is Smart
At the outset of the competition, each participating group of students has an
equal share in the current market, $70,000 in Plant & Equipment (which
determines production capacity), and $30,000 in cash. To play the game,
managers of each firm make several key business decisions each quarter. In
CA - SBC Classic, managers make decisions in the following areas:
1)Login to the following web site:
2)Define the following acronyms in your notebook:
1. (SP)
3. (AD)
5. (UP)
2. (P&E)
4. (R&D)
6. (MR)
3)Explain each term above in relation to “how to play the game” in your
notebook. You may use point form.
4)Do the following online tutorials:#6 Submitting Team Inputs
#7 Team Settings
5)Get an individual id and password from your teacher. Write it down on
something you bring to class everyday (ie. Notebook, agenda)
6)Make sure to enter your inputs before the designated due dates.